For those that were trying to following the Arizona Superior Court related to this website and could not due to a previous court order you may do so now that the case is over. Please be patient as the the website is under construction. Factual content related to the case will be added on a regular basis for those that are un clear on the facts of the case.

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Judge Katherine Cooper (the same judge that handled the high profile lawsuit case against this website) live in boyfriend Michael Kent Krause was arrested in Judge Katherine Cooper s home.  The significance of this is her 2 year  live in boyfriend has a sex offender record listed on this website which she was acting judge  for 15 months.. During the case Judge cooper made many irrational rulings failed to rule on motions and had judicial misconduct complaints filed against her. It is becoming very clear now why Judge Cooper acted irrationally with extreme bias during the entire case.  We are working on putting the pieces together and will bring you more. A in depth investigation has been requested and also begun by media and other sources . Today 1/21 A simple email request for Judge Coopers removal from the case  was sent and in 39 minutes appears to have already been granted. WHAT WAS SHE WAITING TO SEE IF ANYONE NOTICED?  More to come as the investigation continues. Media or other inquiries are welcome using the  contact form by clicking here.


Krause, 52, was arrested Jan. 6 at Cooper’s Phoenix home on a fugitive warrant stemming from a larceny indictment issued in New York City. A court document filed in Arizona in connection with New York’s extradition request said Krause is a registered sex offender. In California, Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation records state that Krause served prison sentences in the late 1980s and early 1990s for crimes including burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and assault with intent to commit a sex offense.




Can we really trust a judge that doesnt know that the man she is sharing her bed and her home with is a fugative & sex offender?

A simple google search would have revealed the information


There are already accusations made by Robert Anglen that this website added Michael Krause on Jan 21 after the news story was released by New 5 .. Really? So News 5 gave advance notice of their story to this website that aired on Jan 20 ? This would be impossible since the video clearly shows Michael Krause listed on this website during the making of  the news story and is confirmed that Donna Rossi found the record used in her video by Googling Michael Krause which then linked to the record on this website to be used in her video. This is par for the course for Robert Anglen see past articles :

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Update! Judge katherine Cooper Disqualifies Herself From Sex Offender Case




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